Thursday, April 8, 2010

Ultimate Tapestry Bag!

Clutching it with dear life yesterday

I know yesterday was a post about bags, and I certainly hate beating a subject into the ground but after my weekly internship meeting at Second Time Around on Wednesday, I decided to sneak into the downstairs location at 176 Newbury and check out the merchandise and I found the the ultimate carpet bag! least I think so.

It's a handwoven tapestry overnight bag and I absolutely cannot get enough of it. My sexy mutt olive even likes it and found a way to balance perfectly on top of it when we were sitting outside the other night.

I am absolutely in love and got it for $32! Handwoven! Amazing!


  1. Amazing find! Cute blog, btw!!

  2. ahhhhhh, how great is that? beyond proenza. just W to the O to those WWWWWWWWWWs...haha