Monday, April 19, 2010

Marathon Monday

Striped Shirt (Salvation Army $1.49)
Sunglasses (Betsey Johnson @ Loehmanns $22)
PAnts (Urban Outfitters BDG)
Black Espadrille Flats (H&M $7)

Marathon Monday. A Massachusetts holiday I have never quite grasped or participated in. I think it all began when I was little and my mom and dad would drag my sister and I out to watch the Easter Parade in Newport. It was never quite warm enough and the streets were filled with runny noses, strollers and a view that was aimed at someone old guy’s butt pockets. Hmm. Yeah I never got the point of parades.

But this year, I am attempting to make a day out of the Boston Marathon.

Crowds? Loudly lined streets? Pshhh I can handle it!

And while most people are shot gunning beers and painting their faces, I’ll be sipping mimosas, awaiting friends and mentally preparing for the madness.

Have a wonderful Monday!

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