Friday, April 9, 2010

TGIF Newport Bound for Puppy Playgroup

Silk Top: .20 Cents Garment District
Square Diamond Earrings: .50 Cents St. Matthew's Thrift
from Easter Adventure
Olive: $75 Vintage Mutt Potter League
Now I may not wear this particular top while running after little O at the Potter League's weekly playgroup but I thought it would be a nice top to show since the weekend is coming up and everyone is prepping for Saturday night attire. I actually flipped the shirt the other way so the v-neck was accentuating my back. I have a feeling this will be stowed away in my suitcase for the Cannes Film Festival (coming up in four weeks! ahh so excited!)

And as you can see, if you have been following my posts, I am absolutely obsessed with my dog Olive (who also responds to Ho Cake and Pooka Shell) and though I've had interventions from friends, family and my boyfriend, I don't think there will be any change of heart in the near future.

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