Sunday, April 11, 2010

Old Lady at Heart

When I was younger my parents used to call me the forty-four-year-old stuck in the six-year-old body. I guess that makes me about ninety-five now. Some people call it “Old Soul” personally I like to think of it as old lady. When your ideal Saturday night is sipping tea, flipping through coffee table books and rocking out to Frank and Ella you know that there is definitely something a little different in your genetic makeup.

Maybe that’s why I’m so fascinated with clothing that has a history.

Above are some photos of my fashion icons; my great grandparents Grandolly and Grandaddy (Alice and William Renchard) and my grandmother Jeanie (Mumu).

The second picture is my grandmother Mumu at twenty-five. Love the blouse!


  1. Oh, your grandmother is such a beauty! I love how you can tell that she has a summer's tan going on, eventhough it is a black n' white picture. Adorable! I sometimes think that true happiness came so much easier to those old-time folks. i look at pictures of my grandparents and they seem so strong and natural, so everfresh. There is something magical about that generation. And i try to hold on to it by wearing their clothes and listen to their stories. Having grandparents is the best thing in the world, don't you agree? :)

  2. Beautiful, gorgeous, timeless....