Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Out with the Old In with the...Old

All of the old closet pieces are paired with H&M Tunic ($17)
Red Silk Blouse Savers (around $5)
Free People Sweater from GARMENT DISTRICT (aka 50 cents!)
Free People Sweater from LOEHMANNS (around $20)
I was fawning over this for some time in the glad I didn't waste my money on it after I found it at a discount store!
Vest from Garment District (.50 cents)
this actually has shown up on my blog before on my friend Ariana....fabulous friend and piece!
Here is my promised post. As I informed you all...I would be posting pics of some of my old closet pieces that had been so well hidden for many many months. Each of these items was extremely cheap!

I paired each of them with a new H&M dress/shirt I got yesterday. I thought I would keep it simple because you really don't need that much excess jewelry or accessories to make any of these work.

Advice for the future...KEEP IT SIMPLE.

Yes, I do tend to wear some bizarre pieces but I try to never overdo it.

I like looking funky...not like a Christmas tree.


  1. beautiful! i love the summery sweaters!

  2. I LOVE these outfits! So refreshing!:)