Monday, November 30, 2009

The Boxy Oxford

The Goodwill Button Down...3 dollars!

I love this button down. I wear it way too much. I think the fact that she is wearing it with attention getting earrings helps a lot. She is also wearing leggings and boots but you can't see them. I think a button down sweater vest would look nice over this especially if it is a little longer. This oxford is for a woman so it isn't that long and needs something to balance it out. A vest would also be nice and cozy for the winter.

Friday, November 27, 2009

The Slip Dress

She Dares to Walk out in a Silk Slip!

So, I am the queen of wearing nightgowns and slips as dresses. First off they are more flattering for every body type. They show off all the good curves. Secondly, they are way cheaper than dresses! Even at consignment shops! It's fantastic!
This slip is Victoria Secret vintage, $3 at Goodwill on Mass Ave. I absolutely love it. Syd is pairing it with a long brown sweater from TJ Maxx (thanks to mamasita).

I also think it would look beautiful with a fitted blazer, tights and black boots. This outfit above would also look gorgeous with beat-up old boots for a casual day out and about.

Holiday Vest & Zippers

My Beautiful Sister Modeling a Mash of Forever 21 and Local Church Thrift

So, the zipper ring which Syd has so strategically placed on her middle finger was $3.50 at Forever 21 and the plaid vest is Gap vintage found on a rack at St. Matthews Church Thrift Store open Saturdays and Tuesdays 8-11am. I don't recall the exact amount but it wasn't more than 3 dollars. I love that place!

Anyways, the vest here is worn over a graphic tee but I think it would look really pretty arranged a few ways...
over a white slip/dress in the summer
over a black thin strapped dress with black tights and boots in the winter
over a white tank top and paired with lighter jeans or cut offs