Friday, October 9, 2009

Five Dollar Fall: Goodwill in Boston Week 3 and 4 (cont'd)

Item 1 on Carolyn
Item 2 on Carolyn
Item 3 on Ariana
Item 4 on Ariana
Item 5 on Mary Kate
Item 6 on Mary Kate

Item 1: Tweed looking, cotton pullover in Brown
This is so comfortable and looks amazing with Carolyn's skinny ankle jeans and gray flats. Its a perfect fall staple and so great for that day you want to just throw something on that ISN'T a sweatshirt.

Item 2: White Linen Tunic
This is actually a banana republic piece and Carolyn is wearing it with short shorts and big earrings. This is more of a summery look but If you paired it with fitted pants and a pashmina it would work perfectly in the fall.

Item 3: Leopard Buttondown PJ Top
I love this! I actually wore it out as a shirt a few days ago with black skinny jeans and bright red flats. Ariana is wearing it with a fitted black dress, a thin black belt and her fabulous vintage earrings (I am obsessed with them!) When I first pulled this out everyone was a bit skeptical but once Ariana was all styled up the girls all agreed they'd wear it.

Item 4: Small Wool Vest in Brown
I thought about having Ariana wear something under this but I like it on its own because it is somewhat fitted and could be worn out at night with skinny jeans, funky earrings, moccasins or maybe even heels. You could even wear it under a blazer or a regular coat.

Item 5: Wool sweater with tie front
I love this sweater because its neutral and can work with many different outfits but it also has a funky tie at the neck that gives it an edgier look. Mary Kate is pairing this with black leggings, leopard flats and pearl/gold costumey clip-ons from my obscene collection of clip on earrings. She looks gorgeous even when she's knocking over lamps in the background!

Item 6: Black Rosebud Top
This is a beautiful top and looked good on everyone that tried it. Mary Kate is wearing it with all black and no cover-up but because it is such a thin fabric, it can be worn with basically anything over it. This is a great night out shirt as well!

Thursday, October 8, 2009


Five Dollar Fall: Goodwill in Boston Week 3 and 4

Item 1 on Alissa
Item 2 on Kim
Item 3 on Kim
starving model something!
Item 4 on Alissa
Item 5 on Ariana

Item 6 on Angela
All of these pieces were $4.99 at Goodwill on Commonwealth in Boston. My lovely friends are modeling everything for me. The accessories and clothing paired with the pieces were from their personal wardrobes.

Item 1 on Alissa: Tie-Dye/Crochet top
Because this is such a vibrant piece, there isn't need for too many accessories. We just added a pair of saucer earrings (cheap thrift as well from a while back: Savers if I remember correctly) and it was perfect.

Item 2 on Kim: Blue flower print strapless dress
We added a long black sweater to this piece to tone down the pattern and make it more season appropriate. I think this dress with a tailored black blazer would work wonders as well.

The dress was a bit big on Kim but it had little belt holes around the middle, so I just took a ribbon and cinched the two belt holes in the back to bring it in at her waist a little better. Dresses are hard to find in the perfect size but it's always pretty easy to manipulate them with belts and ribbons and such.

Item 3 on Kim: Quilted blue jersey fabric jacket
Alright, this came with shoulder pads but I cut them out before any of the girls could see and judge. hah. Because this is such a retro jacket, it would be best to wear it with a solid color underneath. I would recommend black or maybe white. Though I shot it in the daytime outside, I think it would be best worn for a night out on the town. It also would look fabulous with some big costumey earrings and a big gold/black/white clutch.

Item 4 on Alissa: Denim Oxford
I love this shirt, its very androgynous in the best of ways. I think people are scared to rock denim on top because it seems a bit 'butch'....well its not but I must say it took some major convincing to lure my lovely Alissa into this piece.

Denim tops look great with tight black pants because it evens out the balance between loose and fitted. Also, blue is such a complimentary color with most complexions so it's hard to go wrong. I think everyone should at least try this look out, why not.

Item 5 on Ariana: Flowered Denim Oxford
This is definitely a one of a kind top. It has a little more of a girly edge to it compared to that of other denim oxfords.

Like Alissa's shirt, it looks good with tight black pants and though you can't see it in these pictures, Ariana is wearing big white flowery earrings which add a little more glam to the whole outfit.

Item 6 on Angela: Silk Plaid Blouse
I had to cut the shoulder pads out of this and it was well worth it. Flannel is such a popular look these days and this shirt adds a more formal/dressy feel to the trend. The top of the shirt you can tie into a bow but we tried it and Angela looked a bit like a school teacher (a sexy one of course) but it didn't work as well so we kept it untied.

Also, because Angela is so tiny, she was getting lost in the blouse so I added a thick belt at the waist to give her some shape. The boots and jeans she was wearing beforehand and we thought it worked perfectly with the outfit. Gives it a very Ralph look.