Friday, November 27, 2009

Holiday Vest & Zippers

My Beautiful Sister Modeling a Mash of Forever 21 and Local Church Thrift

So, the zipper ring which Syd has so strategically placed on her middle finger was $3.50 at Forever 21 and the plaid vest is Gap vintage found on a rack at St. Matthews Church Thrift Store open Saturdays and Tuesdays 8-11am. I don't recall the exact amount but it wasn't more than 3 dollars. I love that place!

Anyways, the vest here is worn over a graphic tee but I think it would look really pretty arranged a few ways...
over a white slip/dress in the summer
over a black thin strapped dress with black tights and boots in the winter
over a white tank top and paired with lighter jeans or cut offs

1 comment:

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