Tuesday, April 20, 2010

DIY: Earring

3 Things Needed
One Rejected Clip-On Earring (Barbie Earrings $5 Closet Revival)
One Glue Gun
One Fawned Over Bobble (Handmade South African Beads $8 combined: Jamestown Bead Store)
VIOLA! My Favorite Earring

My belief is that you never have to wear the same earrings on both ears. They are different sides of you...no need to uniform them!

I'll probably wear this fantastic accessory paired with a big pearl earring on the other side or possibly a cool turquoise stud.

Oh the possibilities!


  1. love it!:D wear it to class!!

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  3. There's nothing I love more than the possibilities of glue and unwanted vintage jewelry bits!