Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Anticipating Summer...Handbag Edition

I actually got this wristlet the other day at Goodwill on Comm to accessorize my oh so lovely Hawaiian shirt but I have a feeling I will be grabbing this beautiful piece to pair with my summer dresses for a night out.

This is the perfect solution for a beautiful spring/summer day when you just aren't feeling a ton of color. It is a woven straw bag but still has the conservative black with a little bit of edge in the chain strap.

I absolutely must!! have a straw bag in the summer. This literally fell off the rack and into my well-deserving hands. Come September, this fabulous tote will be smelling of Coppertone and spilling sand and sea glass. Ah...I can't wait for summer!

I have never found a happy medium when it comes to bags. I am either drooling over Chanel's spring collection or smushed between racks at goodwill, hoarding all of their best clutches. Since it is such a lovely morning and all I seem to have on my mind is what accessory I am going to throw over my shoulder for lunch in Boston I thought I would share a few of my recent purchases from Goodwill on Mass and Comm Ave.

Each of these was only $4(Goodwill)!

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