Sunday, May 23, 2010

Whimsical Saturday

if only these dresses were my size :(

these are the staple sandals in Nice
all the adorable french girls wear them with khaki shorts and little white Ts

woven baskets (9 Euro)

fabulous french fabrics for my mamasita. you like?

Cross Earrings (random thrift store: 10 Euro)

Yesterday was that perfect mix of aimless wandering with a hidden agenda.

After sightseeing all morning with friends and window shopping on La Croisette, I skipped away for some alone time to take in the sights of the back alleys that are cluttered with local shops.

I found these ideal earrings (as you all probably know by now, I have an affinity toward clip-on earrings) and some beautiful French fabric for my mamasita.

I tend to be the worst gift giver after traveling, but everything about this place reminds me of my mom…the dried lavender, the lush fabrics, the shabby chic apartments and sandy beaches. This is one place that I recommend to anyone who wants to live simply but in the most beautiful way possible.

1 comment:

  1. Tres jolie!!!!

    Mamasita is honored, proud and cannot wait to peek into your suitcase! xoxo