Saturday, May 8, 2010

Sneak Peak Times Two!

Pink Romper (Loehmanns $25)
Yellow Calvin Klein Jacket (Loehmanns $30)
Fun Earrings (Second Time Around $10)

White Dress (Forever 21 $27)
Wool Blazer Sweater (Madewells)
Oxfords (Deena & Ozzy)

I leave today but thought I would post these before I go! Last time with the white wall background. Next up...ocean views and red carpets (I HOPE!!)

Anyways, I don't know how consistently I will be able to update you all but please keep checking on Gathered Garments and following all the other media sites and shows. I am sure you will be seeing me interviewed, cast, etc. haha. I kid I kid.

Hope you enjoy the outfits above. I must say that this week was quite a splurge compared to my goodwill and salvation army hunting. No worries! They will always be in the mix and you will probably catch me wearing some of my luscious dollar finds throughout the trip!


  1. wow I love those earrings =)


  2. Would those earrrings make my a.. ...look big? Have a safe, cosmo, fashion-inspired experience in Cannes. Love your work!

  3. Loved your post,
    Awesome blog!
    Please check out ours, comment, follow, whatever, it's all great!
    -Madeline and Sophie

  4. omg, i want the romper ! super cute!

  5. I could never tell by looking at your outfits that each piece costs 20-something, they all look so expensive when put together! You're a pro.

    xx FujiFiles