Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Tye-Dye Pants and Reflections

Tye-Dye Jeans (Joes Jeans at Loehmanns $20)

farewell pics with my lovely friend Anna

I actually never really met this guy but I still planning on meeting his backpack ;)
Louise in her polka dot pants

Farewell Cannes. Our love affair will never end.

So I'm finally back home. Sitting in my living room with Olive by my side, gnawing at my fingers as I type.

I can’t believe graduation has come and gone and though I have only been back for one day, France feels as though it was just an apparition.

As I sit here tying up loose ends and trying to figure out what path I want to take for the rest of my life...or at least for the summer I thought I would post one last blog on the festival.

These pictures are from the last night in Cannes when I broke out my tie-dye jeans and made an entrance fit for…well I’m not sure what it was fit for, but it was fun!

I will be getting back into the rummage swing of things tomorrow so make sure to keep checking up on me!

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  1. The leopard printed backpack is wonderful!