Monday, May 3, 2010

May Clothing Swap

Party Staple: Sunflowers & Mason Jars
(I use jars for everything! no joke)

This and Photos Below: Nicole Dagesse

May is finally here and this weekend truly captured the essence of it. Everywhere I went there were yard sales and rummage sales and the sun was definitely in a good mood. But I was busy planning a clothing swap with some virgin swappers so the concept was very new. I was so busy rushing around, making dinner and preparing the apartment and of course organizing my unwanted clothes that I absolutely spaced on taking pictures. Luckily my lovely friend Nicole has let me borrow hers!

It is extremely hard being the perfect host!

Anyways, the night was filled with lots of food, champagne, laughter, and of course exorbitant amounts of new attire. Nobody left empty handed!


  1. What a cast of beautiful and brilliant women!

  2. wow looks like a fun filled night!