Monday, May 10, 2010

The Long Road To Nizza

do you think she can pull off the braid look? I know it is totally in this season but I'm not sure about this look...ha.

Interesting center pieces. There is a dog chewy on one side and a felt flower sticker on the other

It is curious to me how insane people can get when plans have changed. I have always known myself to be a pretty inflexible person in terms of scheduling but when I’m out and about, I try not to burden those around me with crazy eyes and elbow knocks.

I was not afforded the same courtesy yesterday when the Munich Airport canceled all of their flights. The terminal was littered with sweaty fists, bulbous bags, and very little personal space.

Luckily today it has calmed down and though I have to wait in the airport for about 3 to 4 more hours, I am thoroughly enjoying the many different “travel” looks that are blazing past me.

I actually find that I identify with the men’s fashion much more than the women. They are all wearing clothing I would wear…either I have a serious identity issue or they are extremely metro.

I am attempting to snap pictures as people walk past but I’m a little worried I am coming off as a raging weirdo. Hmmmm. As you can see from above I mainly stuck to the scenery!

Some Fashion Staples Around the Airport (menswear inspired)

1. Oxford shoes (with slightly pointed toes)

2. Skin tight jeans/dress pants

3. Finely pressed buttondowns

4. Scarves

5. Over the shoulder cardigans

6. Leather jackets

7. Converse sneakers

8. Canvas rolling bags and over-the-shoulder carry-ons

Some Fashion"DON'T EVER DO THIS AT HOME" looks

1. Bright pink fishnet stockings with pink suede boots (this women has been strutting her stuff around the airport for the past two days. Disturbing).

2. Track Suits (Adidas and Puma seem to be the "go tos"

3. Very tight and very bright graphic tees

Though this has been an experience and I do love adventures...I would be perfectly content not spending too much time in an airport for a while.

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  1. always making the best of every situation! love and miss you!