Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Cannes Shopping: Buffalo Exchange

Dress (Buffalo Exchange $20)
Jade Bracelet (Buffalo Exchange $10)

Wool Blazer/Sweater (Madewell from Fall)

Sparkly Earring (Closet Revival $7)

I have been beyond busy with exams and saying goodbye to friends that I almost forgot I was leaving for Cannes on Saturday! Ah! So after my exam yesterday, I ran to Buffalo Exchange in Somerville to see if they had any great dresses for the occasion. I found this beauty and a light jade bracelet.

I paired it with my favorite wool blazer and a sparkly earring and ended up with this ensemble. You like? Now all I need is a lovely pair of heels.

I never wear heels...I always look like a bowlegged pony...not too attractive, but I feel like for this type of event, I will probably need to suck it up and practice my catwalk ;)


  1. cant wait to steal this dress!!!!! hehehehe