Saturday, July 17, 2010

True Costume Jewelry

Grandolly's Clip on Earrings

Wedges (Marshalls $20)
I never wear heels but these are the absolute best
I had them on all night!

Grandmother's Goddess Coin Ring
I'm enamored by Grecian culture and mythology
so this is a new staple for me

Grandmother's Diamond Baguette Ring

Island Moving Company Soiree Gets Underway

With the Mamasita!

Too many dances and drinks later...

My Great Grandmother's costume jewelry came in the mail a few days ago and my sister and I have had a ball sifting through all the gems. From the stories we've been told about Grandolly, I must admit she was quite a remarkable lady when she was our age.

I just hope some of that wonderful energy has been preserved in these fantastic pieces.


  1. Love 'Grandolly's clip ons' :) you two wear them well! and i love the family pic of you three beauties--your already channeling her energy!

  2. So much fun! You ladies all looked gorgeous and it was a blast. I already stole the pic....