Saturday, July 24, 2010

August Wish List

1. Eye catching clutch (5 Inch and Up)

2. Long Sleeve Silk Shirt (Nana in Wonderland)

3. Long sleeve white layering top (Hand it Over)

4. Structured jacket (Rich Hippy)
5. Pattered jeans/pants(Karla's Closet)

6. Summer/Fall Shoulder bag (Fidget Finds)

7. Layered beaded Necklace (What would Summer Wear)

I plan on finding all of these things in the next few weeks

yard sales, church shops, thrift, consignment and discount prepared for madness.


  1. Great shopping list some of my favorites in there too xoxo

  2. Some of these pieces are on my list too, like the patterned pants and eye catching clutch. Good luck on your hunt!

    Take a peek: