Monday, September 27, 2010


After a long (and wonderful) weekend I was rushing home to the island to meet some friends for dinner but couldn’t help but quickly breeze through the SOWA market in Boston’s South End before dedicating my eyes to the road. I spanned the perimeter quickly but was still able to capture some beautiful shots of some of the talented artisans presenting their work.
Here are some shots of my favorite things...

Daylynn Richards of Nevermore reminded me of being young and finding little trinkets outside in the yard and creating an eerie story around it. Her work was amazing and I have to go back and find more of it. She had this whole forgotten fairytale element around each it would bring you to some dark place.

I was very excited to run into my friend Nicole of Fidget Finds at SOWA. I always see her adventures online but was unable to make it to the booth. Last summer I had the pleasure of having a little apartment above her store so my vintage cravings were always satisfied by walking downstairs. I am planning on doing a little piece on her in my blog so make sure to keep reading!
I couldn't leave empty handed! A token of my adventure was this amazing clutch from Thailand. Only 12 bucks (Abbey you would be proud). I love the colors and it checks off another item on my August Wish List!


  1. OBSESSED. With that clutch- awesome find:)

  2. The bag from Thailand was definitely a good the bead work.

  3. Thank you so much for mentioning my work! I'm glad you enjoyed it :)
    And your wording is so perfect, you definitely got what I'm going for. I may have to quote you! Love your blog!
    xo Daylynn