Thursday, September 2, 2010


A few of my favorite things...
Paddling (Salvation Army wool tank $4)
Early Mornings at Second Beach
Jazz Festival at Fort Adams
Narragansett Bay at dusk
Calculated Risk...the VERY loved and worn J24
Folk Festival at Fort Adams
my beautiful sister Sydney and I paddling around the harbor

September 1st...I never think it is going to come as I'm lazily lounging on the dock staring out onto Narragansett Bay. Maybe with September will come a more structured schedule and a less lackadaisical take on life.

I must say I am quite excited for another New England fall with crunchy leaves, hay rides and lots and lots of layers (but I'm definitely not putting away the water toys quite yet).

Now that I am a graduate with no nine to five to worry about at the moment, I plan on filling this fall up with many fabulous adventures and creative endeavors.

I promise to document much more than I have this summer.

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  1. this post makes me so sad that summer is over! :( see you in the winter! xxo kelsey