Sunday, September 27, 2009

3 Dollar Shopping Spree: Garmet District Boston, MA

Pair-eeeeee Clutch

High Waisted Shorts

Lumber Jack Flannel...Making its Appearance at Babson: Thank You Ariana!! xxo

The Big Red Dress

Striped T-Shirt

Alright, so the Garmet District is a massive thrift store right outside of Cambridge, MA on Broadway. On the first floor there is one section with all costumes (very popular right before Halloween) and in another room there is a floor covered about two feet deep in used clothing. When you go in here you get a giant plastic bag and you can sift through all of the stuff. Once you have gathered everything that you like, the employees weigh the bag and you pay 1 dollar for each pound of clothes. For these five items, I paid three dollars!! Ah! So amazing and I love them all!
The Clutch
The clutch has been an everyday item for me and it can be seen in a few of the pictures below it. I have been searching far and wide for a neutral colored wallet/pouch but haven't wanted to pay an obscene amount of money, so when I found this lovely little piece you can imagine my excitement!
High Waisted Shorts
I loved these because I feel like every time I go into an urban outfitters or some boutiquey store that's trying to be edgy, they always have pieces like this and I want to vomit when I look at the price tag.
High-waisted shorts and pants are always at thrift stores cause they are straight out of the 80's and every mother I know owned at least one pair of these at a time. It doesn't matter if they fit perfectly or not, as long as you have a good belt you can cinch them in and make it work. I would also wear these shorts with a white tank top and a black/gray sweater.
Flannel Shirt
I took these pictures from my fabulous friend! This is the most comfy flannel and I love the red! Luckily I found this one in my size but even the oversized ones can look cute over leggings or a solid color dress.
Flannels in general are another item that you should never buy at retail price. The most unique ones are always at consignment shops!
Red Dress
Ohh the red dress. I was attracted to this in the pile because of its color and the fact that its silk. It is definitely waaay too big for me but I still absolutely adore it! I took a navy blue sash and belted it at the waist and vooooila I have a waist! I had to cut shoulder pads out of this one as well but it was worth it.
The only thing I may alter on it are the buttons. I want to find some funky jewel buttons to give it a more antique look.
The Striped Shirt
This is my comfy shirt! I have been wearing it all the time because I love the pattern and how its kind of big so I don't have to reveal a lot. It actually an old Calvin Klein piece. I think it will look very sweet in the summer with shorts or over a bathing suit.


  1. LOVE the clutch! Love the striped shirt...those were my dress, awesome but perhaps shortened it would be dynamite!

  2. Love your style! Can't wait to see your next purchases.