Sunday, September 6, 2009

Week 1 Salvation Army Newport, RI

80's Yellow Silk Shirt

When I saw this I laughed because it looks completely horrendous on the rack and made me think of shoulder pads and crimped hair. But the color really stood out for me and the more I looked at it I realized that there were so many ways to camouflage it's 80's inspired past. This is the type of piece that can be found in ANY thrift store in the "blouse" section. It is a consignment shop staple. you are bound to find one like it and next time you do...give it a second glance ;)

Image 1

Image 2

Image 3

Item: Short sleeve blouse
Price: $3.09
Designer: White Moon London
Description: Bright yellow button down, shoulder pads(I cut these out right away!), decorative yellow threading around the buttons.
Thoughts: Because this is such an attention getting shirt, there is no need to bring anymore attention with other obnoxious pieces. The best thing to do is to keep other colors neutral. Also, first order of business...when you buy these old blouses they are bound to come with shoulder pads. CUT THEM OUT! Everyone has perfect shoulders, no need to enhance them with those bizarre foam objects.

My Essentials Used: In image one; white skinny jeans and neutral sandals. In image two; white shorts (other non patterned colored shorts would work fine), neutral sandals again, plain everyday clutch. In image three; my favorite jeans, everyday clutch and neutral sandals.

Short Sleeve Dress

I have worn this outfit more than you can imagine! On the rack it looks like a completely tacky mumu type cover up (the name of the brand Rum Reggae sums it up). If I didn't have a belt to cinch it in at the waist, it would be a no go.

Item: T-Shirt Dress
Price: $3.99
Designer: Rum Reggae
Description: Short sleeve shift, palm leaf print, turquoise, purple and cream colored
Thoughts: This is like any over sized t-shirt. If you have a fun design and a belt that can cinch you at the waist you are set. It gives you an effortless hourglass shape without having to squeeze into a bandage dress. This dress was definitely not meant for a 21 year old girl but who cares, it works!

My Essentials Used: Thin belt and neutral sandals. That is about all you need!

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