Tuesday, June 8, 2010


Blue Slip (June Clothing Swap $0)
Belt (Syd's from Urban Outfitters)

I love this slip dress. It is an XL and looks like a pillowcase on Syd but the belt holds it all together. I love it when people wear colors that bring out their eyes. This definitely does Syd's justice. The blue is the perfect tone!

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  1. for a moment i thought that Syd was you and that something was different w/ you...hihi...sorry! The dress is awesome. Really brings out the color of her eyes! She looks a little like Amanda Bynes, but not so fake and overly done, just very pretty! And BTW, i really like your (not so) manic monday flannel- i got tons of similar ones on ebay, from the child-section in a few stores and some of them are from the 90's still, when i wore 'em open over xl- fruit of the loom hoodies...hahaha...fun times, Seattle times!