Sunday, January 24, 2010

haute couture for a poor girl

Daring outfit. I'm actually nervous to throw this into the World Wide Web abyss.

Anyways, the lace shirt ($0 Clothing Swap) is long sleeved and looks pretty good on its own. I am wearing a black bra underneath (ahh scandalous!) and the faux fur coat ($20 Wish Newport) is from a little consignment shop in Newport that just opened. I love it because not only does the whole outfit look lux but it’s also guilt free! No animal cruelty here. Also, the two rings I am wearing are

I am pairing this with my favorite black skinny jeans and dark gray ankle boots and two rings(about $3 Forever 21) one is a bow and the other one says LOVE. Both which will probably show up in posts to come.

PS: I hope you are enjoying the photos, I have been teetering my camera on top of cereal boxes and random cook wear just so I didn't have to embarrass myself by having another person in the room. It really is amazing how shameless I can be on my blog yet when it comes to telling a story in front of a small room of people...well...lets just say it never goes over that well.

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